Nintendo switch stuck on logo

So your beloved Nintendo Switch isn't turning on? Don't panic, it's probably a very small issue. There are a few reasons why your Nintendo Switch might not turn on, and most of them aren't serious. Here's how to quickly troubleshoot a Nintendo Switch that won't start. Most of the time, when a Switch refuses to turn on, it's simply out of battery.

Place it into its dock or plug the charging cable in directly and wait a few hours for it to charge back up. The Switch should soon be operational, and will be fully charged in about three hours. An unresponsive Nintendo Switch likely just needs some time to charge. For more info on how to charge your Nintendo Switch, check out our article, "How to charge a Nintendo Switch console in 2 ways, and keep playing while it charges.

If your Switch remains unresponsive, even after a decent charging session, or if you can see a faint light coming from the blank screen, it's time to force a shutdown instead. Don't worry, your saved data won't be lost. Hold down the little circular power button on top of the Switch for between 12 and 15 seconds.

The power button on top of the Switch can be hard to see. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile.

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nintendo switch stuck on logo

Level 3. Joined: Aug 9, Messages: Country:. Hello everyone, I have a switch that is stuck on the Nintendo Logo. I tried draining the battery twice then charging it and tried again and it's still stuck on the logo.

The switch has never been modded. I also tried to boot atmosphere and sx os just to see if it would work, unfortunately it's still unable to boot.

I heard the next step would be to remove the battery Is there anything else I can try? Sorry anyone have any ideas? Joined: Jul 15, Messages: 44 Country:.

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GBAtemp Patron. Level 2. Joined: Jan 14, Messages: Country:. You can boot into Atmosphere but not into the stock OS? You must log in or sign up to post here.

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Replies: 10 Views: 1, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?The Nintendo Switch's release has been remarkably smooth compared to some of the disaster's we've seen in the past, but it hasn't been without a few issues. This article will take you through what you should do if you experience some of these problems and go over a few of the other common issues gamers are experiencing with their Nintendo Switch.

One of the most common problems early adopters of the Nintendo Switch have experienced is a flaky left Joy-Con. The Joy-Con works properly most of the time, but intermittently, it disconnects for a few seconds.

Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On - Black Screen Fix

And this is a big deal. You don't want half your controller going dead in the middle of a fight. This issue can be partially cured on your own. It happens more often when the line-of-sight between the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch is obstructed, so moving your Switch's dock to a spot where this is unlikely can cure the problem in some instances.

Trying to FIX another (3rd) Nintendo Switch (Part 2) & Final Update on Wii U Motherboard

But this can be unpractical for some people, and let's face it, if you were having bad problems with the left Joy-Con, you'll probably want to use rearranging the room as a temporary fix until you can send it in for repairs.

Nintendo has acknowledged a 'manufacturing variation' as the root of the problem and have a program for sending in your Joy-Con to be quickly fixed and shipped back to you. Contact Nintendo support to take advantage of this program. If you are having a problem with dead pixels, you won't be reassured by Nintendo's proclamation that dead pixels are a problem with LCD screens and are not considered a defect. And to a point, Nintendo is correct.

The most common Nintendo Switch problems, and how to fix them

LCD screens have had a problem with dead pixels for years. Dead pixels are pixels that remain black when the screen is turned on or that remain the same color when they should have changed to a different color.

In essence, they are pixels that get stuck on a color. It is a problem with LCD screens because each individual pixel is acting on its own and thus any specific pixel can have a failure. One suggested workaround from the LCD monitor days is to press down on the screen in the area having the problem in hopes of realigning it just enough for the problem to go away.

It's a bad idea to press down too hard on a touch display, but applying a little bit of pressure might help the issue. You can also try cleaning your Switch's display to see if that helps the situation. If there are enough dead pixels to be very noticeable, you can try returning the unit.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

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I did a nand restore from 5. I have a similar issue as fOMey. I'm using Kosmos 13 and CTCaer hekate 5. Booting into "stock" from hekate works as expected. Same here, the switch get stuck in the nintendo switch logo.

The mmc is in 4. With 0. Based on these descriptions it appears to be a regression introduced somewhere by the stratosphere re-write. Just to be clear, does atmosphere 0. Same thing here. Can't get past the Nintendo Switch boot logo on emuMMC partition based, everything created by hekate. HOS Version: 4. Tried atmohsphere, cant load past nintendo icon.

Reinx, loads boot logo shows nintendo and restarts back to ofw, sxos boots and yellow screens once in hbmenu. Same problem here, using fusee and hekate 5.

nintendo switch stuck on logo

Same here. It just hangs on Nintendo logo, as long as I am using emummc. Booting without EmuMMC works fine. I'm on FW 4. Same issue, 4. Can try reverting certain sysmodules until it works. Alright, I've confirmed through replacement of every other kip individually, the issue lies with spl. Closed thanks to ckurtz Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console with great exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2but a number of technical issues have tainted the experience for some players.

Moving the Nintendo Switch from its portable configuration into the dock is a process that takes only seconds. A screen protector is a must-have accessory, as any damage done by the dock will be to the removable protector and not the console itself. Provided that you have a little extra room for the Switch to sit on your shelf, a slightly more complicated option involves leaving the Switch out of the dock entirely. By connecting an additional USB-C cable to both the dock and the Switch — and placing the Switch on a separate stand so its vents have enough room — the console can still project its image to a television and draw power as if it were sitting in the dock directly.

The Joy-Con can disconnect with the console, seemingly at random, which can be extra frustrating if it leads to being killed during a good run in Breath of the Wild. Conductive foam, which helps to protect against interference, is relatively inexpensiveespecially compared to the cost of a replacement Joy-Con controller.

You only need a tiny square of the foam for the fix, so you can easily open up several Joy-Con controllers and apply the foam without having to buy more. Alternatively, you can contact Nintendo and send in the controller for repair. This issue has supposedly been resolved in later iterations of the Switch and Joy-Con controllers; however, those with the original version of the console could still experience some issues.

After leaving your Nintendo Switch running in its dock for an extended period of time, you may find that the system has actually warped or bent very slightly backward on one side. If the problem is severe enough, you could even encounter trouble attempting to remove it from or place it in the dock again. To test whether or not your Switch has warped, take off both Joy-Con controllers and place the system screen-side down on a completely flat table.

If it has warped at all, you will be able to rock it back and forth. However, if the issue is bothering you, Nintendo is accepting the console for repairs. Typically, the cracks are found near the game card slot or in the bars going across the top vents.

In addition to controller issues and problems related to the physical construction of the Nintendo Switch and its dock, a number of users have also experienced screen freezes, as well as horrible Switch seizures that cause the system to blare a high pitched squeal while lights flash faster than an ecstasy-fueled rave.

Some users have also experienced temporary freezes that result in games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild crashing, potentially losing their progress. Instead, contact the company to get a replacement unit sent out as quickly as possible. Dead pixels are annoying on any device, especially portable screens, where they tend to be the focus of all your attention, mocking you for wanting a screen free of imperfections. After just a couple hours of handheld play in a game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Doomthe console will need to be recharged.

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As you likely have the AC adapter that came with your system hooked up to the dock, you either have to go behind your setup and remove it, let the Switch charge in the dock, or purchase a second AC adapter. There is another option! Third-party accessories manufacturers have created their own charging cases that allow you to play the system for more than twice as long as the standard battery would let you.

The charging case not only more than doubles the amount of time you can play the system on the go, but it also includes a much better kickstand and slots to hold two Switch cartridges.

In the past, you would have either had to attempt to perform surgery on your controllers yourself, pay Nintendo to fix them, or bite the bullet and purchase entirely new controllers to replace the faulty ones.

You should be able to get replacement Joy-Cons that do not suffer from this issue by contacting Nintendo using the information provided in the table at the top of this page. If you have already paid for a repair from Nintendo, you can also request a refund. Unfortunately, the Switch has found itself running into some issues with posting to social media, most notably to Facebook.

More officially known as Error Codethis error has cropped up over the past few months, and many Switch users have found themselves at the end of their wits trying to solve it. You can always keep an eye on the Nintendo server status pagewhich updates with any known issues on a daily basis. Sadly, those running into this issue will simply need to wait until Nintendo sorts out the problem and releases a fix.

Previous Next. Nintendo Switch review: The must-have console 2 days ago. The 25 best Nintendo 3DS games 2 days ago. The best Nintendo Switch deals and bundles for April 3 days ago.Page 1 of 2. Level 2. Joined: Dec 29, Messages: 24 Country:. Sorry guys, I could use some help here.

nintendo switch stuck on logo

When I try to launch Atmosphere, the regular Atmosphere screen comes up for a few seconds, then it goes black, then the Switch leaves RCM my pc makes that "device disconnected" soundthen the Switch logo shows up on the screen and stays like that forever. It's not bricked because it boots up normally if I don't try to boot it on RCM.

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My FW is 1. My SD card is formatted to Fat Any ideas? Hayato GBAtemp Guru. Level Joined: Dec 26, Messages: 6, Country:. There is a tutorial out there to get atmosphere to run on 1. Thanks for the info! Well, I guess I'm stuck for now Draxzelex GBAtemp Legend. Joined: Aug 6, Messages: 11, Country:. Did you download Kosmos or Atmosphere? Try the opposite one of what you have tried.

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What is Nintendo doing about the issue? Nintendo has been forthcoming with the screen problems, and the company has not a lot to say about the issue.

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